President's Letter

It is my sincere and humble honor to be elected as President of the Louisiana Association of Clinical Social Workers for the 2015-2017 term.  I have practiced in the field of clinical social work for more than 15 years.  I have served on various local and state boards in an advocacy role for social work and the people whom we serve in our communities.  I come to this association with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master of Social Work and Doctorate in Behavioral Health. As you may know, LACSW is the only clinical voice of social workers in the state of Louisiana.  LACSW and its members have been very instrumental in ensuring that the practice of clinical social work continues to be one of the forefront professions when it comes to protection of the public, mental health parity, protection of your rights as a clinical social worker and health care integration.  It is my vision during the next two years to encourage clinical social workers to become more engaged in integrated health care.  We will provide more opportunities to raise the awareness of the many professional opportunities for clinical social workers to be very instrumental in our state’s Behavioral Health Integration efforts.   With more than 2,000 clinical social workers in Louisiana, it is apparent that we are the leading experts in behavioral health in our state and we will continue to be a major part of behavioral health now and in the future.

Aligned with my predecessors, I will continue to work diligently with our LACSW board to ensure that our clinical voice continues to remain in the consciousness of local and state legislators as it relates to our profession.  Additionally, I will continue to work collaboratively with National Association of Social Workers- LA Chapter (NASW-LA) and our state licensing board, Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners (LABSWE) on all matters pertaining to clinical social work in our state. 

As a clinical social worker, I encourage you to take an active role in our association.  Feel free to connect with other clinical social workers.  Tell them all about LACSW.  Your membership is invaluable and it's the commitment of clinical social workers that will continue the mission of LACSW for many years to come.