President's Letter

Dear Clinical Social Workers:

It is my sincere honor to serve as President of the Louisiana Association of Clinical Social Workers (LACSW) for the 2019-2021 term. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue the meaningful work of those who came before me. LACSW is Louisiana’s clinical social work voice. Since 1985, its mission has been to define, represent, promote, and protect clinical social work as a knowledge-based, client-centered profession, which provides quality mental health services to the general public.

The LACSW board works collaboratively with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) – LA Chapter and our state licensing board, Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners (LABSWE), and participates on the Interorganizational Committee of social work organizations on matters pertaining to clinical social work in Louisiana.

We offer valuable resources and services to our members, including a paid professional lobbyist who effectively represents the legislative interests of clinical social workers in Louisiana. In addition to protecting social workers’ rights, we also promote legislation that recognizes clinical social workers as professional health care providers with the right to diagnose and treat. LACSW monitors and actively opposes bills, which would undermine or dilute the scope of practice of clinical social work.  

LACSW works for clinical social workers by enhancing the image of Louisiana’s licensed clinical social workers; expanding the collective social and political presence of clinical social workers; strengthening and upholding the professionalism and credibility of social workers; and educating the public about the many diverse roles that clinical social workers fill to improve mental health and direct social programs in both private and public sector schools, hospitals, outreach centers, and independent private practices.

LACSW and its members have been instrumental in the evolution of the social work profession. This association of volunteers offers the unique opportunity to be heard in local and state matters that will impact the future of our profession. Please join us in continuing this noble mission and carrying our bright torch into the future. Become a member of LACSW today!


Averie McCauley, LCSW-BACS