Membership Info for Clinical Social Workers

LACSW is a professional organization for clinical social workers in either administrative or clinical roles who function in diverse settings in both the private and public sectors from medical hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, school systems or private practice. 

LACSW offers its members the following benefits:

A Board of Directors with state - wide representation to oversee the concerns of clinical social workers across the state of Louisiana.

  • An active presence in the Louisiana legislature through a full-time lobbyist who promotes clinical social work issues for the consumer and the social work practitioner.  Your dues primarily pay the lobbyist.
  • A clearinghouse for concerns of clinical social workers that are beyond the influence of the individual practitioner.
  • Listing in a membership directory made available by computer search to health care companies and consumers to market the clinical social work services of the members.
  • A newsletter to keep members informed of the actions of the Association on their behalf will be provided on the website.
  • Staying abreast of national concerns that affect clinical social work practices, such as issues related to the Centers for Medicare and their policies as this affects other insurance companies that often follow Medicare's guidelines.
  • Representative interaction with managed care companies in Louisiana to influence high clinical practice standards and appropriate fee structures.

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