LACSW Board Committees

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): LACSW is one of three organizations the La. Social Work licensing board recognizes as having authority to grant CEU approval. Specifically, we do the review and approvals. There is a 2-page CEU criteria list. We are glad to send it to any organization that is trying to get approval for a workshop.

Executive: This committee is made up of the current officers of the board and the immediate past- president, meeting as needed between board meetings for pressing decisions that can’t await a next board meeting.

Legislative: Recommends goals for legislative action. Develops a legislative plan of action. Prepares information on legislative issues for membership. Works closely with the lobbyist and Board President to carry out the Association's legislative agenda.  Participates on the Interorganizational Committee of Social Work Organizations (IOC) when tasked by the licensing board to influence the vendorship law and rules of social work practice. 

Managed Care: This committee dialogues with managed care companies over issues that affect the practice of clinicial social work and LACSW members. Provides information and guidance to members concerning pertinent and vital managed care issues. Supports members in efforts to interface with managed care companies. Advises the Board regarding review of complaints, suggestions for direction and discussion of issues involving managed care. Develops and implements marketing strategies to managed care companies.

Media/PR:  This committee manages and updates the website and social media.

Membership: Develops, promotes and expands membership strategies to recruit new members and encourages active participation throughout the state. Organizes the phone, fax, and email distribution program to inform members concerning issues that need immediate attention or action.